Veganuary Pledge

I love a challenge, and have been toying with the idea of cutting down on meat in my diet for some time now. So, what better way to start than by doing Veganuary?

Throughout January I will try to not eat any animal produce. For those that know me, this will be difficult. Every morning I put milk in my tea and porridge. Every week I eat pasta, eggs and cake. Every month I have steak, fried chicken or chilli beef.  All this dairy and meaty food, I love!

Why would I even consider trying vegan?

Eating animal produce, as much as it is tasty, comes at a cost. In simple terms:

  • Animals suffer
  • Some animal produce can be full of saturated fat
  • Rearing animals produces lots of green-house-gases, pollution and uses lots of carbon and water

For these reasons, I will give Veganuary a go. Throughout the month I will post recipes and provide an update on how I am coping. If you are also doing Veganuary, or are vegan, please share any tips you have. I fear I will need all the help I can get!

In the meantime, I will be eating as much pork, beef, turkey, pigs in blankets, and smoked salmon as possible over Christmas to get the craving out of my system.


2 thoughts on “Veganuary Pledge

  1. I’m vegan and always happy to help those who are transitioning or trying to reduce their intake of animal products. Feel free to contact me anytime! 🙂


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