Luva Huva – Ethical Lingerie

I mostly base my underwear purchases on comfort and practicality. When I found Luva Huva, an ethical lingerie brand based in Brighton, whose website hosts pictures of beautiful and delicate items I was quite sceptical as to whether they would provide bras to my size and comfort requirements. In the past I’ve struggled to find pretty bras that support and look good under clothing. Despite my scepticism I ordered a matching bra and pant set.

On Instagram I saw my purchase being made in a story video, and they posted a picture of my item on their feed. Luva Huva (a team of just five women) makes almost all orders from scratch and keeps very few items in stock, the care put into my order was reinforced by actually seeing the item on the sewing machine just days before it landed through my letter box.

organic ethical lingerie bra bridal sexy erotic everyday red purple burgundy lace, soutien-gorge, reggiseno, dentelle, pizzo, rouge bordeaux violet, rossoRed & Cream Stripe Frilly Knickerorganic ethical lingerie trousers pants legging  pyjama pajama, sport yoga gym outfit everyday red burgundy lace bamboo, pigiama bordo bordeaux rouge rosso bambou bambu, dentelle pizzoorganic ethical lingerie bra crop top knicker sheer see through lace sexy everyday black, soutien gorge, reggiseno, noir, nero, pizzo, dentelleorganic ethical lingerie knicker cotton bamboo sexy everyday black plus size, mutandine, culotteorganic ethical lingerie robe bridal sexy everyday blue green bamboo lace, blu, azzuro, bleu,vert, verde, dentelle bambou, pizzo bambu, robe de nuit, camicia da notteorganic ethical lingerie babydoll short bamboo everyday stripe navy blue plus size, camicia da notte, chemise de nuit

Luva Huva develops garments from eco-friendly materials (bamboo, soy, hemp and certified organic cotton). Using natural fabrics makes their items comfortable and breathable. Vintage or end of line fabrics are also used, in doing this, material that would otherwise be waste can be recycled.

My Luva Huva bra and knickers fit perfectly, are super comfortable and if I do say so myself, look amazing. They cost maybe double what I would usually spend on a lingerie set, however the quality is very obvious. Thanks Luva Huva for making what used to be a nightmare finding bras that fit and look good, to an easy ethical online purchase.

MUD Jeans & RePack

I am always on the look out for an ethical and environmentally friendly brand, so when I stumbled across MUD Jeans I got a little excited.


MUD Jeans are produced in fair factories from recycled, organic or BCI cotton using around 80% less water and producing around 70% less CO2 compared to other denim producers.

MUD gives you the option to either purchase the jeans outright, or lease them. In leasing the jeans you pay a monthly fee for 12 months, then at the end of the 12 months you can either return to MUD or keep them. For me this is great as I tend to get bored of clothes quite quickly.

When my MUD package arrived, it landed through the letter box in a RePack bag. RePack is returnable and can be reused up to 20 times. When you return your RePack, which is free of charge, you receive a 10% discount email that can be used with any business that uses RePack.

Today I am off to return my RePack package, wearing my MUD Jeans and I cannot wait to use my 10% discount on another sustainable purchase.