V-Day shout out to Curious Pancake

I feel Valentines Day as a ‘holiday’ is fizzling out. Unless this is an observation that me and my friends are very ‘unsoppy’, I do believe people are realising it is a money making scheme to buy tat that will never have any real use. Sorry for the pessimism.

As a couple me and Rob don’t really celebrate it, despite our anniversary being around this time (5 years this year!). The most we do is get each other a silly card.


Unsure where Rob gets his cards from, but I always get mine from Curious Pancake.


Based in Nottingham, Curious Pancake create stylish greetings cards, with hilarious illustrations and no inner verse. Their cards are perfect for most occasions.


Their cards say ‘i love you’ without the cringe and providing a little giggle. And I love it.


One thought on “V-Day shout out to Curious Pancake

  1. Aww Anna, thanks so much for the feature! It was a nice little surprise to come across your article as I logged on to Twitter this afternoon looking to see if the hashtag #PresidentBawbag was still trending! My partner and I (celebrating over 12 years together now!) have chosen to largely honour food over presents for Valentine’s Day (though I still give him a card because I’m surrounded by them and it would be really weird not to!) and so we’ll be tucking into the Marks and Spencer meal deal this evening in our pjs! Living the dream! I Whilst there’s a huge market for the poem-y mushy cards, there’s definitely a growing number of us who, despite feeling a bit like we’re having our arms twisted by retailers and being ‘guilted’ into buying something we don’t really want to, want to show our unique ‘love’ for our partners with something a bit more modern and different, and I personally love seeking that stuff out! Have a good evening, however you decide to celebrate….. I think we’ll be watching something romantic like The Walking Dead šŸ˜‰

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