Winter Travels

I’ve been extremely lucky this year to have already gone on two holidays. Visiting new places and doing new things is really important to me. There is a whole world out there with different food, buildings, history, scenery and lifestyle that should be experienced.

For the past two Christmases me and my sister have not bought each other a present, but instead booked a long weekend away. Last year we went to Budapest and this January we visited Warsaw.

In Warsaw we stayed in the most amazing apartment (Old Town Snug), we arrived quite late and the apartment owner Chris had stayed up to welcome us and give us a great overview of what to do in the city. I’d definitely recommend staying at Old Town Snug if you were to visit Warsaw, it was great value for money, in the best location and the facilities were top notch.

Whilst there we went to many museums. Both of us have a big interest in the World Wars and it was devastating to learn what happened in Warsaw. During WWII 85% of buildings were destroyed, knowing this when exploring the city was fascinating because Old Town looks very authentic, however it is only about 40 years old. Whilst there we sampled plenty of the local delicacies. Everything was so so cheap! Which is quite lethal when it comes to vodka and pierogi (dumplings)…

After a fun weekend in Warsaw with Fiona  I then had another break to look forward to. Earlier this month I went skiing with my family and some friends to Cervinia in Italy and it was a brand new experience for me having never skied before!

Landing in Turin airport we took a coach on winding roads up the Alps to the resort. The surroundings were absolutely beautiful. Once we had booked ourselves on Ski School and collected our gear we were all set to hit the slopes. Every day after Ski School we would all convene in the bar, have a hot chocolate, aperol spritz or peroni and listen to each others’ tales of what mile per hour we got up to or how hard we fell. By the end of the week the skiing and all inclusive bar and buffet was taking it’s toll on our bodies. I’d had so much fun but was kind of looking forward to returning home for a detox and a little less exercise.

Whenever I return from holiday I like to have the next lined up. It keeps me going knowing that there is another adventure around the corner. Luckily me and Rob have Berlin booked for the end of April. A chance to see the places we missed on our trip there last year and practice our German.

Any suggestions for cool places to visit are more than welcome xxx

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