Loved clothes last

As it is the last day of Fashion Revolution Week I want to talk about my “love story” with a vintage shop find.

The go-to sundress

It was a warmish March day in Nottingham when I suddenly realised, as always, that I HAD NOTHING TO WEAR WHEN THE SUN COMES OUT!!!!

Clearly this was a lie, I had at least something summery in my wardrobe at home. But let’s be honest, we’ve all been there…

So off I trotted to Wild Clothing to trawl through their railings upon railings of vintage clothes. I was just about to give up and head to my usual Nottingham watering hole, Cartwheel Cafe, when I stumbled across something that ticked my ‘sun comes out’ box.4323184736_IMG_1582From that day forth it was my go to, even on days when the sun did not shine.

It got me sunburnt in Harrogate, leaving me with a St Andrew’s cross on my back (always wear factor 30 kids!).fullsizeoutput_14f2It danced me through till 5am in London to indie tunes with Gracey T.IMG_4778It helped me sensibly line my stomach before Fake Fest with a Greggs pasty and Anty Pants.IMG_4157It saw me round Dubrovnik’s City Walls.6174650816_IMG_1134And today it became my becoming ‘Godmother to little Edie’ outfit.fullsizeoutput_1504I don’t know when this dress was made, the label doesn’t give much away, but I do wonder how many other owners it’s had. What other stories could the dress tell?Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 16.57.35Manufacturing clothes uses up massive amounts of water, energy and land. Sadly, so much of our clothing ends up in landfill. The more we love our clothes, the more we care for them, and the longer they last reduces the amount of water, energy and land and removes the pressure for unethical labour practices caused by fast fashion. Sharing, swapping, donating, buying second hand or vintage clothes is a great way to do this.

I hope you’ve had a good Fashion Revolution Week, if you want more information on the movement, head to their website.

Have a lovely Sunday evening!

Ciao x

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