For a long time now I have had an interest in sustainability, but despite working in sustainable procurement, I continued to purchase from big brands and stores that perhaps weren’t the most ethical, environmentally friendly or economical. At the start of 2016 I decided to change this and to put into practice what I preached at work.

So… Welcome to Bella Green a brand new blog, written by me, Anna Cantwell, and created for those wanting to consciously consume.

About me

Proud to be from the North East but now living in the Midlands in a lovely town called Ashby de la Zouch with my boyfriend (Rob). I studied Biology at Liverpool John Moores and now work in sustainability.

I am extremely lucky to have a huge hilarious family, a beautiful bonkers dog (Barney) and an amazing sister/best friend (Fiona). Since moving around a fair bit, I now have friends based all over the UK and the world which is great, as when visiting them I get to experience new places.

Spare time is spent learning German, getting stuck into a TV series or searching for some decent new music (which these days is hard graft).

About Bella Green


A few things to consider before buying, which hopefully my blog will help with:

  1. Only buy if you need to, the best product bought is the one not bought at all. With resources dwindling and waste increasing, before buying something ask yourself “Do I really NEED this?”
  2. If you do NEED it, first stop should be reused or recycled products.
  3. Second stop would be to buy local and independent. This supports the community and reduces emissions from transporting goods.
  4. Third stop, if you cannot buy local then buy from somewhere that supports it’s workers and the community it operates in and that is environmentally friendly.
  5. Look after what you buy, like Vivienne says “make it last”.
  6.  Finally, if you no longer love the item donate it to charity, swap with a friend or upcycle it into something else.


My blog is split into five categories:

  1. Fashion – My favourite era is the 60’s, so vintage (reuse/recycle) is a favourite of mine. Where vintage can’t be used I try to go for brands that are ethical.
  2. Beauty – I like the natural look and try to use natural products that are environmentally friendly with no animal testing.
  3. Lifestyle – Here I’ll share my favourite household products, charities, books, podcasts, blogs, music, TV shows, social media pages, articles and technologies.
  4. Food – I am very fortunate that my boyfriend used to be a chef. When at home we tend to eat in using meat from the local butchers, fruit, veg and eggs from the local grocers, bread from the local bakers or by shopping organic, fair trade or free range whenever possible at the supermarket. When we do eat out, it is always a treat, as Rob is rather fussy and has high standards.
  5. Travel – Recently I’ve been on some brilliant European trips. Travelling to different cities and towns enables you to find new ways of doing things and shop different brands you wouldn’t normally find in the UK. Travel in general broadens your knowledge and of course,  it is great fun.

I am not here to preach and by no means do I always know what is best, I am also on a journey to learn how to consume more consciously. If you would like to work with me, please get in contact by twitter or instagram.

Thanks, and I hope you enjoy my blog.

Anna x


p.s I am raising money for Labour Behind the Label who work to fight fast fashion. If you can, donate here.

* Photos on this site are a mixture of my own photography and pictures taken from the product’s webpage.